[Yiddish, Ashk., Eng. shaht-khuhn; Seph. shaht-khahn]
Shadchan (Shadchonim plural) is a Yiddish word (Ashkenazic Hebrew) for matchmaker.

While a Shadchan can sometimes be a busybody, someone who knows everybody and everything, the word for busybody in Yiddish is yenta. Further confusing the two words is the fact that "Yenta" was the name of the shadchan in the film Fiddler on the Roof. In reality, Judaism has found that a good match or couple is most likely to be people with the same, or very similar, backgrounds. Therefore, a matchmaker is most likely to be someone who is familiar with both sides and is in a position to introduce the interested parties to each other. Many Shadchonim carry out Shidduchim as a profession.

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