Seyhan, river, c.320 mi (515 km) long, rising in the Anti-Taurus Mts., central Turkey, and flowing SW to the Mediterranean Sea. Dams provide irrigation, flood control, and hydroelectric power. Cotton and grapes are grown in its valley.

Seyhan is a district in Adana Province in Turkey as well as the name of the (Seyhan River) that crosses the district. Seyhan is the administrative district that contains most of the city centre of Adana, and most of the city's population.

Adana has a long history and is a very important city today (see Adana).

The name comes from Seyhus, son of Adanus, brother of Ceyhus (pronounced 'jey-hus'). The origins of the names of the city of Adana and the rivers, Seyhan and Ceyhan (pronounced 'jey-han').

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