sexual abstention

Positive Alternatives to Homosexuality

Positive Alternatives to Homosexuality (PATH.) is a coalition of predominantly ex-gay groups, which aims to offer their conception of chastity as a alternative to a same-sex relationships.


The goal of PATH is that everybody can decide his or her sexual behavior on his or her own and that such decisions are met with respect and tolerance. In particular psychotherapeutic organizations should promote the rights of the client to self-determination rather than limit. Some member organizations endorse a change of sexual orientation by religious group work or conversion therapy. Others consider the possibility of a change improbable and want to support their members instead on the way to a sexual abstention life. Typical public relations work of PATH demands understanding and acceptance for such past gays and lesbians, who demonstrate willingness to change, and promotes at the same time the change offers of its member organizations.


On July 2003 different groupings and organizations, mostly Christian, but including Jewish and secular organizations, united. Some of the principle members are:

Exodus International belonged to the initial members, but left April 2007.


Organizations of the gay community criticize regularly PATH and its member organizations. The effectiveness of conversion therapies, which some of the PATH members promote, is questioned by psychological professional associations. Beyond that they refer to possible damages of such treatments for the psychological health.

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