Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped

'Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped, or AISH is the legal name of a social welfare program and service offered in Alberta to nearly 36,000 Albertan citizens. Former AISH ACT legislation defined severe handicap as“adult Albertans with a permanent disability that severely impairs their ability to earn a living.” The legal definition in legislation defines “severe handicap” as an impairment of mental or physical functioning or both that, in a director’s opinion after considering any relevant medical or psychological reports, causes substantial limitation in the person’s ability to earn a livelihood and is likely to continue to affect that person permanently because no remedial therapy is available that would materially improve the person’s ability to earn a livelihood.

The Minister of Alberta Seniors Community Supports is the Honorable Mary Ann Jablonski and she is the minister responsible for the AISH PROGRAM in Alberta Canada pursuant to the provincial statutes. It is important to clarify the definition of " minister reponsible" in so far as ALBERTA legislation is laden with intricate, interwoven provisions to give considerable legal and discretionary authority to Mrs. Jablonski as provided for in respective ACTS AND REGULATION but in terms of crown liability, Mrs. Jablonski receives indemnity from actions brought against her or the crown. In simple terms, no small claims lawsuit or civil suit may be brought against the honorable minister, the ministry of ALBERTA SENIORS COMMUNITY SUPPORTS, its programs and services and all employees, boards, commissions or personelle appointed by the AISH DIRECTOR.

The director's opinion as defined in the definition of severe handicap above, is very poigant as the AISH ACT, AISH REGULATION AND AISH MINISTERIAL REGULATION affords considerable power and authority an individual designated as the director. (f) “director” means a person designated by the Minister as a director for the purposes of this Act; Delegation by director. Moreover, A director may delegate any power, duty or function conferred or imposed on a director under this Act to any employee of the Department or of an Indian or Metis organization. AISH SUPERVISOR, CALGARY DELIVERY SERVICES, on NOVEMBER 4, 2006 did indicate that he and all AISH GENERALISTS ARE bound by AISH POLICY.

 She was appointed to the cabinet on March 3, 2008, immediately following the 27th Legislative Election Alberta.  She serves as chair of the Alberta Mental Health Board Liaison and Advisory Committee.

Mrs. Jablonski and her husband owned and operated a very successful fiberglass manufacturing company. They employed 18 people and manufactured various fiberglass projects, including a 70-foot dinosaur, waterslides, jet boats and RV parts. Her work experience also includes seven years in the banking industry.

In the 2004 provincial election, AISH was the subject of some controversy following supposedly derogatory remarks made by Premier Ralph Klein, stating, of a group of AISH recipients, "they didn't look handicapped to me."

After the 2004 election, responsibility for the AISH program was moved from the Human Resources and Employment ministry to the then newly formed Alberta Seniors and Community Supports ministry.


  • Monthly Income:
    • Every AISH recipient receives a monthly payment of $1088. In addition to which, a recipient can earn up to $400 without his AISH income being affected. For any income between $400 and $700, 50% of what is earned is deducted from the AISH income, and any income above $700 will be taken off, dollar for dollar, from the AISH income. In effect, a recipient can earn $550 of extra income monthly without AISH income being directly affected.
  • Prescription Medications:
    • Most prescription medications are paid for by AISH benefits. The majority of what a doctor will prescribe, from common antibiotics, to such medications as Ritalin and Zyprexa, is covered by AISH. However, there are medications, generally though not always newer medications, which are not covered by the benefits. Medication covergae is decided upon by a government committee. (ed. Often the function of such government committees is to develop reasons not to extend insurance coverage to a particular medication, given the frequent niggardliness of governments)
  • Dental Coverage:
    • AISH allows for one yearly dental checkup and cleaning. In addition to this, AISH benefits also cover necessary fillings
  • Ambulance Service:
    • AISH benefits will cover fees for ground ambulance service to the nearest hospital which can provide the medical treatment required
    • AISH ACT proclaimed on June 1, 2007 removed the PREAMBLE

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