settles score


[skawr, skohr]

Score may refer to:

Numbers and statistics

  • Score (game), a number of points achieved in a sporting event or game.
  • a unit of twenty, as in Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.
  • Score (statistics), the derivative, with respect to some parameter θ, of the logarithm of the likelihood function.
  • Raw score, an original datum that has not been transformed.
  • Standard score, a dimensionless quantity derived from the raw score.
  • Baseball scoring, a shorthand method of keeping track of statistics in a baseball game.


Arts and crafts

  • Musical score, a set of instructions giving the overall picture of a composition
  • Dance score, a set of choreographic instructions expressed in a dance notation.
  • SCORE notation program, a music scorewriter
  • Film score, a sound recording of the music in a film
  • Score (album), the live CD/DVD by progressive metal band Dream Theater
  • Score (film), a 1972 sexplotaition film
  • The Score (film), a 2001 heist film starring Robert De Niro and Edward Norton
  • Score, a UK-based football comic, originally Score and Roar, published in 1970, merged with rival comic Scorcher in 1971
  • A method used to join two pieces of pottery, each side is scored (scratched) and then pressed together
  • A method of weakening paper or other thin sheets of materials prior to cutting, tearing or bending, by scratching a line along the area where the separation is to occur.
  • I Like to Score, an album by Moby, punning on the sexual, drug related, and film music uses of the word


Figurative uses



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