settles ones differences

Larkfield, Greenock

Larkfield is the largest council housing estate in Greenock, Scotland.

It is named after Larkfield Farm but Larkfield Road is mostly in Gourock rather than Larkfield itself. The main road through the estate is Burns Road - all of Larkfield lower than Burns Road is known as the "bottom end" with everything above it the "top end" (or "tap end"). In recent years groups of gangs from both ends have been "warring" with each other but these battles tend to happen every wee while and when the battles start the place is a no-go zone. Larkfield Primary and Sacred Heart Primary Schools are both situated in Larkfield as was Springfield until recently. St Andrew's Church is on Auchmead Road, as is Ravenscraig, Inverclyde's athletics stadium, home to Greenock Juniors Football Club.

Note: The trouble which had plagued Larkfield for more than 15 years has basically came to an end with only the the odd altercation every other week, as the two main gangs have settles their differences and are now maintaining peace. Many youths have spent years behind bars as a result of the ongoing violence; some were badly injured, and sadly some have lost their lives due to the infamous troubles.

Larkfield's past, the place remains a very wild place where the inhabitants preserve strong antisocial tendencies and will always be looking out for somebody.  Recently, youngsters from the area spawned a football team.

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