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List of Maximals

This is a list of Maximals from the Transformers fictional universe and toyline.

Beast Wars/Beast Machines Maximals

Beast Wars/Beast Machines Maximals Toy Characters

Here are the Maximals that didn't appear in the TV Series (however, some of them have Japanese versions that appeared in the Japanese shows below this entry):



Transmetal IIs:


Walmart Exclusive Toys

  • Packrat: Thief, Beast Mode is a blue Transmetal rat

BotCon Exclusive Toys

Beast Wars II Maximals

Called Cybertrons in Japan. Led by LioConvoy (Leo Prime), they pursed the Predacons led by Galvatron to Planet Gaia. But their ship crashlanded and to survive the planet's corrosive atmosphere, they scanned animals for beast modes.

  • LioConvoy: The Leader with a strong sense of justice. After his supposed death, his body landed on Gaia, where he was saved by the white lion that he scanned for his beast mode. He's not so affectionate, and so rarely treats LioJunior like his "son".
  • Apache (repaint of B'Boom in U.S.): The calm and loyal co-leader who loves to lecture everyone. He talks much like a veteran soldier. Beast mode is a mandrill with a gun platform mode.
  • Diver (repaint of Spittor in U.S.): The cautious coward of the team whose best offense is a good defense. Beast mode is a frog.
  • Scuba (repaint of Claw Jaw in U.S.): A loner ninja warrior with dry wit. He is hydrokinetic and his beast mode is a giant squid
  • Tasmanian Kid (repaint of Snarl in U.S.): The cheerful and mischievous member. He was hoping for a cool beast mode, similar to Cheetor & Airazor, but ended up as a Tasmanian devil.
  • Bighorn (repaint of Bonecrusher in U.S.): The stubborn member of the team who gets excited when he sees a red flower. He pined for Scylle of the Seacons. Beast Mode is a bison.
  • LioJunior (Prowl in U.S.): A transformer created by Gaia when LioConvoy's Matrix reacted to the pure Angolmois energy, he was raised by the white lion who saved LioConvoy. When exposed to Angolmois energy again, LioJunior 'awakened' and went to meet his "father". He is an important component in the formation of Magnaboss, as the other two components {Skywarp and Santon} are willing to follow him as his teacher/body guards.
  • Skywarp (Superion Silverbolt in U.S.): A upright and stern instructor who tends to be concerned about LioJunior's education. He and Santon were sent by Cybertron to find LioConvoy's team and help them stop Nemesis. His beast mode is a bald eagle
  • Santon (Ironhide in U.S.): The greatest medic of the Maximal, he teaches LioJunior of life and how fragile it can be. He hates to fight, so he rescues those wounded instead. His beast mode is an elephant
  • Minor Maximals

they combine to form Gigantus.

  • Jointron Bros.: Three brother from planet Trias whose spaceship malfunctioned and they ended up on Gaia. The trio speak and act like "stereotypical" Mexicans, preferring to lay about and be a mariachi band. But when they do fight, they combine to form Tripledacus.
    • DJ (repaint of Cicadacon in U.S.): The oldest brother, he emits a special sonicwave that reaches 10,000km away. His beast mode is a cicada
    • Motorarm (repaint of Ramhorn in U.S.): The middle brother, a sumo wrestler who represents Trias in the Space Sumo Association. Beast mode is a Hercules Beetle.
    • Gimlet (repaint of SeaClamp in U.S.): The youngest, the brightest and best dancing of the trio. Beast mode is a lobster.

Beast Wars Neo Maximals

Called Cybertrons in Japan. BigConvoy is made as a mentor to a team of cadets as they travel the universe to get all the Anglomois Capsules before the Predacons led by Magmatron do. Most are exclusive in Japan, with few recolors and/or remolds.

  • Big Convoy: The legendary one-man-army who became the teacher of the Maximal cadets. Beast-mode is a wooly mammoth, with a tank mode.
  • Longrack: The upperclass cadet appointed as second in command. Beast mode is a giraffe, with a crane mode.
  • Corada: The loner who acts like a jerk, but is a good fighter in desert environments. His beast is a cobra, with a battle mode.
  • Stampy: The fast-moving recon, though he tend frighten easily. Beast mode is a rabbit, with a scissors mode.
  • Break: The temperamental member of the team, his greatest weapon is his emotions. Beast mode is an Emperor penguin with a blaster-mode.
  • Heinlad: The most mysterious of the cadets, the clock in his stomach somehow alters time when activated. Beast mode is a tanuki.
  • Machkick: He was co-leader and survivor of the Maximal Thoroughbred, who were wiped out by Magmatron's planet-like Porcupine fortress. He joins BigConvoy's team, though he is more experienced then the cadets. His beast mode is a horse.
  • Minor Maximals
    • RockBuster (same mold as Razorclaw in US): A old war buddy of BigConvoy who offered his friend the chance to relive their glory day by ditching the cadets. Beast mode is a fiddler crab
    • Randy (same mold as Razorbeast in US): The headstrong sort, he was stationed on planet Tube on a solo mission to protect the endangered wildlife there. Beast mode is a wild boar
    • Sharpedge: He believes the fighting is the only way someone can truly live, he considered himself as BigConvoy's rival. Beast mode is a saw shark.
    • Bump (Same mold as Armordillo in US): Modest and reserved, he feels most happy when rolled up. Beast mode is an armadillo.
    • Survive (Same mold as Polar Claw in US): BigConvoy's former teacher. Feared as a hard-hearted sergeant among Maximal trainees, but has a gentle nature. He really wants BigConvoy back in his regime. Beast mode is a bear.

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