Sesbania grandiflora

Sesbania grandiflora

Sesbania grandiflora (also known as agati, syn. Aeschynomene grandiflora) or hummingbird tree/scarlet wisteria is a small tree in the genus Sesbania. It is believed to have originated either in India or Southeast Asia and grows primarily in hot and humid areas of the world.


Culinary uses

The flowers of S. grandiflora are eaten as a vegetable in Southeast Asia, particularly in Laos, Java of Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Ilocos Region of the Philippines. The young pods are also eaten, along with the leaves. For example, in Sri Lanka, agati leaves are sometimes added to sodhi, a widely eaten, thin coconut gravy.

In the Thai language the flowers are called dok khae, in the Khmer language they are called ផ្កាអង្គាដី or pka angkea dey and in Vietnamese they are called so đũa. In the Philippines it is known as katuray and in the Indonesian language they are called bunga turi or kembang turi. In Chinese, they are called 大花田菁/ 木田菁/ 紅蝴蝶.

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