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Let's Go Away for Awhile

"Let's Go Away For Awhile" is an instrumental by the American pop band The Beach Boys, from their 1966 album Pet Sounds. It is the sixth track on the album. The track was composed and produced by Brian Wilson and was originally titled "The Old Man And The Baby". "This is a great Burt Bacharach type of thing," Brian said in 1996.

Brian stated in 1967 that it was "the most satisfying piece of music I've ever made. I applied a certain set of dynamics through the arrangement and the mixing and got a full musical extension of what I'd planned during the earliest stages of the theme. I think the chord changes are very special. I used a lot of musicians on the track; twelve violins, piano, four saxes, oboe, vibes, a guitar with a coke bottle on the strings for a semi-steel guitar effect. Also, I used two basses and percussion. The total effect is Let's Go Away For Awhile, which is something everyone in the world must have said at some time or another. Nice thought; most of us don't go away, but it's still a nice thought."

It was included on the Neil Young soundtrack album Journey Through the Past as the closing track.



Overdub session

  • Arnold Belnick: Violin
  • James Getzoff: Violin
  • William Kurasch: Violin
  • Leonard Malarsky: Violin
  • Jerome Reisler: Violin
  • Ralph Schaeffer: Violin
  • Sid Sharp: Violin
  • Tibor Zelig: Violin
  • Joseph Di Fiore: Viola
  • Harry Hyams: Viola
  • Justin Di Tullio: Cello
  • Joseph Saxon: Cello
  • Steve Douglas: Flute
  • Jules Jacob: Flute

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