Breast Men

Breast Men is a 1997 United States semibiographical, dark comedy film written by John Stockwell and directed by Lawrence O'Neil for HBO which tells the tale of the doctors who pioneered the usage of silicone breast implants. The two men gain immense financial success but follow different life paths thereafter, with David Schwimmer becoming the narcissistic 'big-as-you-can-get' type popular with pornographic actresses, and former mentor Chris Cooper continuing the initial team effort of the everyday woman.

The story loosely tracks the history of the real-life breast implant industry phenomenon, from its radical introduction through its incredible popularity through the controversial silicone link to various types of illness and cancer, following which the industry switched to saline. The story is interspersed with interview snippets of women from the 1970s who have received breast augmentation with varying degrees of success, including their pleasure and displeasure. The interviews are marked by the fact that they show only the interviewees' nude breasts and torso.

Much of the filming was done in Galveston, Texas, and includes numerous interior and exterior shots of historic Star Drug, a drug store and soda fountain with a distinctive vintage ceramic Coca-Cola sign displayed over its front door. Star Drug burned in 1998 but has since been rebuilt. Limited footage is shown, as well, of the University of Texas Medical Branch campus.

The film received an MPAA rating of R due to sexuality, nudity, coarse language, and the use of illicit drugs. It has a running time of 96 minutes. The film was released to mixed reviews.

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