Nazariy Yaremchuk

Nazariy Yaremchuk (Ukrainian: Назарій Яремчук; November 30, 1951 - June 30, 1995) was a well known Ukrainian singer, born in the village of Rivnya, Chernivtsi oblast.

In 1963 he finished the Byznytsk middle school no.1. After an unsuccessful attempt to enter the Geographical faculty of the Chernivtsi university spent some time working as a seismographer in the Western-Ukrainian Geo-reconnaissance Party. With the agreement of the commander of his army group, he learned a course for drivers. It was here that his ability was noticed by the Manager of the vocal-instrumental ensemble Smerichka. In autumn that year the young Nazariy began to sing in Smerichka along with also well known singer Sofia Rotaru.

Early years

In 1970 Nazariy is accepted into the Geographical faculty of the Chernivtsi university.

1971-72 the filming for the film Chervona Ruta took place, which instantly achieved popularity for Smerichka giving him performances in all union concerts Song of 71 and Song of 71. A terrible tragedy happened when Nazariys mother, Maria Dariyivna, died. In memory to his late mother, the singer wrote songs dedicated to her such as "Chuyesh Mamo" and "Bat'ko I Maty" near the end of his life.

In 1975 Nazariy obtained his diploma, he was satisfied working as the head engineer at the chair of economical geography of the university. However love of music seemed stronger than all, he moved to a philharmonic group, in which he worked till the end of his life.

Last years

In 1978 Nazariy received the title Merited artist of Ukraine. He was awarded the order of Friendship of Nations

In May 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster happened. Nazariy visited and performed within the 30 km contaminated zone on 3 occasions to perform in front of the brave men and women who worked to stabilise the situation.

In 1987 Nazariy was awarded title of people's Artist of Ukraine. In the late 80s and beginning of the 90s cultural awareness was on the rise. He was finally able to sing to the world about that which this whole time had been paining him - the fate of Ukraine.

In 1991-1993 after the collapse of the USSR, he was able to travel to Canada where he visited his older brother in Winnipeg, and also USA and Brazil. In many countries of the world people wanted to hear his songs.

In 1995, Nazariy traveled to Canada for medical treatment. The disease was incurable, the operation did not help. Feeling that he was dying, Nazariy returned to Ukraine to finish singing his last songs.

He died on 30 June, 1995.

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