Segni, Antonio

Segni, Antonio

Segni, Antonio, 1891-1972, Italian political leader. A lawyer, he entered national politics in 1919 as a leader of the Popular party, the forerunner of the Christian Democratic party. For many years he was a professor at various universities. After World War II he was elected to the constituent assembly and then to parliament in 1948. He held numerous ministerial posts, serving twice as premier (1955-57, 1959-60). Elected president of Italy in 1962 he resigned in Dec., 1964, after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage.

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Given Name

Antonio is an Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish first name. In the english language is translated as Anthony, and has some female derivates: Antonia, Antonietta, Antonella (Italian), Antónia, Antonieta (Portuguese), Antonieta (Spanish). It has also some male derivates such as: Antoñito, Antonino, Antonello, Tonio, Toño, Tonino, Nantonio, Totò, or Tony. The Portuguese equivalent is António or Antônio. In old Portuguese the form Antão was also used.

Antonio comes from the Antonius Latin family name group. The name's origin is said to be ancient Greece, coming either from the word Antos (a flower) or from Antonio, Greek king of Achaia.

The name is widely used in Italy, in Portugal and in Spain. After the Iberic peoples discovered the new world, many of them settled in the area, and, as a consequence, Antonio is one of the most popular first names in Latin America, as well as among Hispanics, and, to a small degree, North Americans in the United States.

Famous male bearers


Antonio as Middle Name

Known as Tony

Other, fictional male bearers include:

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