sedge, common name for members of the Cyperaceae, a family of grasslike and rushlike herbs found in all parts of the world, especially in marshes of subarctic and temperate zones. The name sedge is also used specifically for species of the genus Carex of the same family. Sedges differ from true grasses in having solid, angular (usually triangular) stems. Most are perennial, reproducing by rhizomes. Some sedges are woven into mats and chair seats, and a few provide coarse hay. The pith of Cyperus papyrus was the source of the papyrus of ancient Egypt and other Mediterranean countries. Bulrushes, often called clubrushes, are sedges of the genus Scirpus; various other similar plants are also called bulrushes. The bulrushes in which the infant Moses was hidden (Ex. 2.8) were probably papyrus. The Oriental water chestnut (Eleocharis tuberosa) is cultivated extensively among the Chinese for its edible tubers. An unrelated Asian aquatic plant, Trapa natans, also called water chestnut (or water caltrop or hornnut) and sometimes also used for food, is now naturalized in the United States. Many genera of the sedge family have indigenous and abundant species in America. Sedge is classified in the division Magnoliophyta, class Liliopsida, order Cyperales, family Cyperaceae.
Sedge may mean:


  • Sedge, any of the numerous plants in the sedge family, Cyperaceae
  • Sedge or sweet sedge, a name for sweet flag (Acorus calamus), a marshland plant in the Acoraceae family
  • Sedge, a name for yellow flag iris (Iris pseudacorus), a marshland plant in the iris family
  • Sedge, a bed of large sedges or similar plants, usually growing in damp ground or shallow water: a type of fen



  • Sedge or sedge-fly, any of the caddisflies (Trichoptera), small moth-like insects with aquatic larvae
  • Sedge darner or common hawker (Aeshna juncea), a dragonfly of Eurasia and North America
  • Sedge moth, any of the small moths in the family Glyphipterigidae, whose caterpillars feed on sedges and rushes




  • Sedge, a collective noun for either bitterns or cranes: see List of collective nouns for birds
  • Sedge Warbler (Acrocephalus schoenobaenus), a small bird of dense waterside vegetation in Europe, Asia and Africa
  • Sedge Wren (Cistothorus platensis), a small wetland species of bird of North and South America



  • John Sedges, a pen-name of American author Pearl S. Buck
  • Sedge Moore, stage name of the bass player with The Wurzels, a Scrumpy and Western band from Somerset, England



  • Sedge hat or conical hat, a type of straw hat worn in East Asia
  • Sedge, nickname of Liversedge F. C., a football (soccer) club in West Yorkshire, England

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