Seder (plural: sedarim) is a Hebrew word meaning "order", and can have any of the following meanings:

For Jewish holidays:

  • Passover Seder, relives the enslavement and subsequent Exodus of the Children of Israel from Ancient Egypt
  • There is also a seder for the minor Jewish holiday of Tu Bishvat, the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Shevat. It is known as Hemdat ha-Yamim and is modeled on the Passover seder.

In the Hebrew Bible:

Relating to Talmudic texts:

In Jewish liturgy:

  • An order of prayers that constitutes a liturgy, similar to the word siddur; example: The Seder of Rav Amram Gaon. See the article on siddur for this meaning.
  • A related section of service within a given liturgy; for example: the seder of sounding the shofar.

In Jewish mysticism:

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