secret plan

Secret trilogy

The Secret trilogy is a crime fiction series written by Rafe McGregor: The Secret Policeman (2005), The Secret Service (2006), and The Secret Agent (2006). The series follows Captain Jackson, a South African policeman, from his work against PAGAD, to his career in the South African Secret Service, and his subsequent recruitment by the Metropolitan Police Special Branch and the CIA. The series was initially published by Classic Mysteries, then Shorts, and most recently Ulverscroft.

The Secret Policeman

The Secret Policeman is a police procedural detective mystery set in Durban in 1997. Although a work of fiction, the novella uses a mixture of real and fictional characters and events.

Superintendent Baston of the Security Branch is stabbed to death in a police safe-house. Seven days later the city's top detective, Jack Forrester, is assigned the case. From the moment he meets Inspector Jackson, his Security Branch liaison, he knows vital facts are being kept from him and that his every move is being watched. Despite Jackson's interference, Forrester picks up a trail from drug traffickers to a disbanded terrorist army, the bodies of two more policemen, and the discovery of a connection between Moslem vigilantes and a sinister, international terrorist network. As each piece of the puzzle brings him closer to the truth, he must trust no one and question everything. Forrester arrests a suspect, only to realise he's become the unwitting victim of both Jackson and the terrorists. His choice: escape, or fall victim to a wave of terror which will lead to more than a hundred bombs being detonated in the garden city of Cape Town and, ultimately, the horror of September 11.

The Secret Service

The Secret Service is a fast-paced spy thriller about a CIA-sponsored attempt to rid Western Europe of al-Qaeda sleepers.

The CIA want retired Secret Service agent Jackson back on a mission: to foil Operation Condor, a top secret plan by the East German security police in the Cold War, and now in the hands of al-Qaeda. But he finds that he is being used as the bait in a trap. His only chance of escape is to discover who passed the plan to al-Qaeda. And he suspects that the answer lies in the Caribbean island of Barbados.

The Secret Agent

The Secret Agent is an action-packed crime thriller pitting Special Branch against the Kernow Republic Brigade and the Real IRA. It appears in a similarly entitled collection of six short stories by Rafe McGregor

A series of short stories follow secret agent Jackson from Oxford to Quebec City, the Italian Alps, Snowdonia, and his final and most deadly mission four months after his premature retirement.

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