secret agent

Secret Agent (1936 film)

Secret Agent is a 1936 British film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, based on a novel by W. Somerset Maugham. The film starred John Gielgud, Peter Lorre, Madeleine Carroll and Robert Young. Future star Michael Redgrave made a brief, uncredited appearance.


Gielgud plays a British officer, a once famous writer who fakes his death during World War I, and is sent by the mysterious "R", head of British intelligence, to Switzerland on a secret mission. Meanwhile, Carroll plays a female agent who poses as his wife. Together, they meet their contact in the country, Lorre.

Typical Hitchcockian themes used here include mistaken identity and murder. The film is notable for calling the hero's superior by a single letter, an idea which writer Ian Fleming would use in his James Bond stories.

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