Ilhéus Secos

Ilhéus Secos
Population: Uninhabited
Elevation: about 100 to 150 m
Location: Cape Verde, north of Brava
Range: none
Type: stratovolcano

Ilhéus Secos (Portuguese meaning Dry Islets, because the islets are dryer and do not have as much vegetation as the Brava island) or Ilhéus do Rombo are a group of islets in Cape Verde located due north at about 7 to 8 km from the nearby island of Brava. The two major islets of the chain include Ilhéu Grande and Ilhéu de Cima. Other islets include three of them are in the rest of the area. They are administratively a part of the municipality of Brava. The island is a volcanic seamount.


The islets contains dry grasslands and rocky coastlines. The Ilhéu Grande is situated in the west side and is the largest of the chain, its length is around 1.5 km from southwest to northeast and the width is approximately 600 to 800 m from east to west, this islet is ranked the largest and contains a small bay on the island's northwestern part. The middle part contains two small islets of little or no vegetation. The Ilhéu de Cima is around 1 km in length going south to north and about 500 to 600 m from east to west and is the second largest. A small bay is lying in the southeast, another islet is only about 500 m northeast and contains little or no vegetation. Other islets include Ilhéu do Rei, Ilhéu Sapado, Ilhéu Luís Carneiro


The islets can definitely be seen from the northern part of Brava and in the northern Fontainhas mountain range. The islets can rarely be seen in the higher elevations of the western part of the island of Fogo.

Nearest islands and islets

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