second-hand smoke


[sek-uhnd hand for 1; sek-uhnd hand for 2, 3]
Second-Hand was a 2005 Romanian film directed by Dan Piţa.

Plot summary

The film's plot surrounds the romantic involvement of two contrasting characters: Petre (Mihai Călin), a Mafioso, and Andreea (Alexandra Dinu), a young violin player. The pair meet and fall in love. Petre becomes obsessed with Andreea and threatens her with violence after she denies his sexual advances.


  • Mihai Călin as Petre
  • Alexandra Dinu as Andreea
  • Adina Andrei as Mona
  • Răzvan Oprea as Marian
  • Bogdan Dumitrescu
  • Cătălin Neamṭu
  • Adina Petras
  • Laura Vasilescu
  • Răzvan Vasilescu

The film also features Răzvan Oprea as Marian, a street thug and close acquaintance of Petre. Marian repeatedly commits crime on behalf of Petre. Both Oprea and Călin are actors within the National Theater in Bucharest.

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