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The Foot-poundal is a non-SI unit of energy or work. The foot-poundal is the amount of energy expended when a force of one poundal acts through a distance of 1 foot along the direction of the force and is defined as 1 ft•pdl. The foot-poundal can also be expressed as the calculable energy or work done over the distance of one foot by a one pound mass accelerated at one foot per second, per second.

The foot-poundal is equal to 1/32.174049 of the more commonly used foot-pound force.

The foot-poundal is a part of the foot-pound-second system of units introduced in 1879 and is one of several specialized subsystems of mechanical units named; Absolute English System.


1 foot-poundal is equivalent to:

  • 0.031081 ft•lbf
  • 0.0421401100938048 J (exactly)
  • 421401.100938048 erg (exactly)
  • 0.0004 BTUIT
  • 0.010065 calIT or 0.000 010 65 "food calorie" (kcal or Cal)
  • 0.37297 inch-pound force (in•lbf)
  • 5.96752 inch-ounce force (in•ozf)

Conversion of units#Energy, work, or heat.

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