sean thomas o'kelly

Helen Watanabe-O'Kelly

Helen Watanabe-O'Kelly is the Fellow and Tutor in German at Exeter College, Oxford. She specialises in the early modern period, and is a distinguished scholar in this field, and in the field of German literature as a whole, in particular in relation to literature written by women; she currently co-directs the AHRC major research project at Oxford University on Women and Death in the German-speaking world, 1500-present.

She took her BA and MA at the National University of Ireland in Cork, and her doctorate at the University of Basel. She taught at the University of Reading until 1988, whereupon she was appointed to the German fellowship at Exeter College, Oxford: a post she still holds. In 2007 she was the Mellon Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Illinois.

Her father was the Professor Michael J. O'Kelly, the distinguished Professor of Archaeology and Irish Pre-History at the University of Cork, who discovered the midwinter illumination of Newgrange in 1967.

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