Hollyoaks: Boys Do Barca

Hollyoaks: Boys Do Barca was a late night spin-off from the long-running Channel 4 British television soap opera Hollyoaks.


In this late night special Alex Bell, Max Cunningham, Ben Davies, Tony Hutchinson, Luke Morgan, Sam "O.B." O'Brien, Sol Patrick and Lewis Richardson all went on an unforgettable stag weekend to Barcelona celebrate Finn Finnigan’s forthcoming marriage to Tony’s mother Victoria. The boys were hoping for the usual things from the weekend- the sun, sea, sex and alcohol, yet with the exception of Max, everyone spent most of the two days in pursuit or being pursued by a collection of odd characters. Alex was chased by an angry transvestite by the name of Nemesis, who had stolen his money belt. Luke, Ben and Sol were pursued by the locals, thanks to Sol’s inability to blend in with Spanish culture, O.B. on the other hand, found himself in a compromising position with a glamorous older women, only to find out that she was Alex’s transvestite Nemesis! Lewis problems with Lorraine Wilson continued when she arrived unannounced and, after showing him compromising photographs of the two of them, she bribed him into helping her snatch her son, who lived with his father in Barcelona. After snatching the boy and being chased across Barcelona, Lorraine was finally forced to return her son to his farther. She blamed Lewis for this and swore to reap her revenge.

The stag had a far from relaxing trip for Finn, when he discovered that Tony had enlisted the help of Carol Groves to persuade him not to marry Victoria. After Finn very nearly scrummed to Carol he decided that Victoria was indeed the woman he wanted and resisted temptation. In a fit of rage, Tony took revenge on Finn by firing an arrow at his backside. It was whilst Finn was being examined by doctors that Carol and Tony realised that they had feelings for each other. They threw caution to the wind, hoping to put their disastrous night in Newquay behind them for good. Finn and Tony left Barcelona with a new understanding. Tony was now convinced that Finn did genuinely love his mother, and he also realised that Carol was the girl he always wanted, but would she return back to him? Alex and OB both returned to Chester with guilty secrets of their experiences with transvestites, Luke and Ben had enough of Sol to last them a lifetime. The only person to return with any good memories was Max, who spent a night of passion with the beautiful Diti and finally put paid to the rumour about him being ‘three second Max’. Although the boys pledged to keep loyal to "the law of the stag" and never reveal what happened in Barcelona, you can still catch the odd embarrassed glance between OB and Alex, as Tony and Max continue to this day to remind them of their escapades with the transvestite, Nemesis.

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