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Scrounge is an Autobot from the Marvel comics universe. His alternate mode was some sort of Cybertronian Unicycle (or simply a wheel).

Transformers: Generation 1

Marvel Comics

Scrounge was an Autobot stationed on Cybertron. During a spy mission, the Autobot Blaster was engaged with the Decepticons under the command of Lord Straxus. Scrounge, who was to rendezvous with Blaster, was side-tracked after overhearing some information on the missing scientist Spanner. Feeling guilty of not possessing the fighting spirit of other Autobots, Scrounge felt the need to prove himself and went to investigate. He detaches his fingers, which contain recording devices, and runs them through the Decepticons ventilation ducts. After recording the information on Spanner, Scrounge triggers the alarm and is captured by Shrapnel.

Blaster returned to Autobase only to learn that Scrounge was missing. The group's commander, Perceptor, denies Blaster's request for a search party, mostly due to Scrounge's history of incompetence. Blaster, however, fearing the worst manages to convince Perceptor to allow him one shot at a rescue.

Meanwhile, Straxus interrogates Scrounge as to his mission. When Straxus fails to retrieve any information he tears off Scrounge's arm and sends him off to the smelting pool. Blaster searches the Dead End and discovers that Scrounge was captured by the Decepticons and taken to Darkmount. Blaster proceeds to Darkmount where he is captured and sent to join Scrounge, who is badly disfigured at this time, in the smelter. Powerglide manages to find them and attempts to rescue both Blaster and Scrounge. Scrounge refused to be rescued and instead gave Blaster the information he extracted from the Decepticons. Blaster releases Scrounge, who is fully consumed by the smelter.

The information retrieved by Scrounge allows the Autobots to intercept Soundwave's call for reinforcements. The Autobots attack the space bridge and are transported to Earth.

IDW Publishing

Scrounge made a brief appearance as a down-and-out vagrant scavenging in one of Cybertron's slum regions in issue #2 of The Transformers: Megatron Origin.

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