Scribbly is a comic that runs daily in the Dutch edition of the Metro free newspaper, and has done so for the past five years. It is written and drawn by Jean-Paul Arends. Seven albums have been published containing the daily strips. The strip is known for its weird cast, and its tendency for parodizing well-known films and books.


  1. "Ik hoop dat die ene goeie erin staat" (I hope that good one is in here)
  2. "Ik snap ze nooit" (I never get them)
  3. "Doe maar iets creatiefs" (Make it something creative)
  4. "Daar moet je een stripje over maken" (You should make a comic about that)
  5. "De verzonken stad van Zahn-Luac" (The lost city of Zahn-Luac)
  6. "Een opsteker van jewelste"
  7. "Meer wafels, minder misdaad"


  • Scribbly is the eponymous protagonist. He is a schizophrenic and lives in the House for the Mentally Disturbed.
  • Psychotron is Scribbly's super-hero alter ego, in a few strips where he deludedly wears a red cape, which allows him to think he can fly
  • Frits is Scribbly's voice-inside-his-head
  • Quibus is an animated sheet of paper who is usually Scribbly's friend.
  • Doctor Psilo leads the House for the Mentally Disturbed
  • Zark is an alien that looks like a giant pickle with an antenna. He can use the antenna for radio reception, remote control, as well as hearing Frits. He hails from planet Zortian II.
  • Kraz is Zark's brother. He lives on the same planet where Zark use to live
  • Waverider is Zark's super-hero alter ego, who has no known powers.
  • Doe-ran is a haunting spirit, in the shape of a floating mask, that was initially summoned by Quibus to torment Scribbly. He (it?) is a powerful magician.
  • Draakje (little dragon) is, well, a little dragon that doesn't talk and has a tendency of breathing fire at inconvenient moments. He barks just like a dog
  • Olav is a huge shouting man that used to be a porter at the House.
  • V-252 is a friendly robot from outer space with a television on his belly. He is married to another robot, and they have a toaster for a child.
  • H-Nibal is a huge killer robot from outer space, that was eventually defeated by D-2120.


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