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Horsing Around with History

Horsing Around with History is a 32 page comic book story starring Scrooge McDuck and was written by Carl Barks and William Van Horn. It was released in Uncle Scrooge Adventures #33 (1995). This was Barks' next to last story released in the United States of America.

It was also later printed in The Carl Barks Library of Uncle Scrooge Adventures in Color #56. Carl Barks wrote the script but the actual story was drawn and lettered by William Van Horn.


Scrooge Donald and the nephews are off to find the legendary Trojan Horse. Little do they know that The Beagle Boys are spying on them. The Ducks encounter an Albatross named Alby who works as a trained pet for The Beagle Boys. It is mentioned twice that The Beagle Boys like prunes. Barks came out of retirement to provide a script for this story and he chose William Van Horn to write this story for him.

This story was originally written to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Carl Barks' retirement.


It is mentioned that The Beagle Boys like prunes in this story. A reference mentioned in earlier Barks Stories such as The Mysterious Unfinished Invention and The Giant Robot Robbers and in Don Rosa's Cash Flow and other stories.

Scrooge mentions not resisting anything that's free.

Despite the fact that The Beagle Boys are mentioned they don't appear until the end of the story.

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