screams bloody murder

Bloody Murder

Bloody Murder (UK Title:Scream Bloody Murder) is a teen slasher film written by John R. Stevenson and directed by Ralf S. Portillo. It was released on September 12th 2000. The film has been highly criticized since its release for being a blatant rip-off of the Friday the 13th series, yet it still has fans stretching from the US to the UK.


The film is about a group of teenage friends who travel to Camp Placid Pines to be camp counselors for the summer, only to find themselves being offed one-by-one by a hockey masked killer.


Bloody Murder has sold over 600,000 copies on video and DVD in its first year and a sequel titled Bloody Murder 2: Closing Camp was released in 2003. An unrelated sequel titled The Graveyard was released in 2005. The movie takes place at Camp Placid Pines but there is no appearance or mention of the Placid Pines killer Trevor Moorehouse

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