Scot track

Scot track

Scot Track or Scot-Trac as latterly known, is an eight wheel drive all-terrain vehicle developed in Nairn, Scotland in the early 1980s. These vehicles are used all over the world to tackle difficult terrain. The first models were the Glenalmond and Glencoe. These machines used Kubota diesel engines and Sauer Hydrostatic drive. The Glenalmond was designed as a personnel and light load carrier. The Glencoe was designed as heavy equipment carrier (1000kg+) with seating for three passengers. In the mid 1990s came the Hillcat 775, a lightweight petrol powered 8x8 targeting the sporting estate market. All models were available with track systems for boggy or snowy conditions. In the late 90’s, the models were improved and all adopted the Hillcat name: 1100 (previously Glenalmond), 1700 (previously Glencoe). Current models are the 2000R and the 3000R. Applications include Fire Fighting, Terrain Ambulance, Aid Agency support, Ski slope maintenance, Farming, Forestry, Border Patrol, Electricity and Telecom maintenance.

In January 2007 the business was bought by Artcom-Tradebridge Ltd and relocated to Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland.


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