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The Razor scooter is a compact aluminum Kick scooter invented by JDBUG. The Razor was very popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s, with models still available today.


The basic scooter design consists of an aluminum frame, polyurethane wheels, and a hinged fender over the rear wheel, which is pushed down by the foot to act as a brake. The handlebar and headtube fold when a quick release latch is opened, allowing for easy carriage and storage.

Today there are 4 A versions, the A, A2, A3, and Pro Model (A4). There's also the AW, the basic A with a wheelie-bar, the AW125, which has 125mm wheels and an extended deck, and the Cruiser Scooter, which has the largest wheels (but no 140mm replacement wheels are available) and a wooden deck.

Freestyle riding

Freestyle scooter riding is a growing sport in not only the US but places like Australia ,France and Japan. Due to the rough demands of trick riding, people often reinforce most of the scooter to withstand impacts and high force. In 2004, Razor released the Pro (A4) model scooter, modelled after the discontinued B model scooter. This scooter is preferred by most freestyle riders because of its bigger size and added strength. The Pro Model built upon the strengths of the B model to become the strongest freestyle scooter released.

Scooters are unique because of the amount and variety of tricks possible; not only can they do the tailwhips and 360 spins found in BMX but they can do the grabs and grinds found in skateboarding.

Freestyle scootering has a moderately large niche market of riders due to the quick learning curve and many easy "beginner" tricks, as well as the relative low starting cost ($45-$60 for scooter and basic modifications). They have been criticised, however, by BMXers and skaters for crowding up skateparks.

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