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The Institute of Medical Science (Japan)

The Institute of Medical Science (Tokyo-daigaku Ikagaku Kenkyujyo 東京大学医科学研究所) is an ancillary establishment of Tokyo University. The Institute of Medical Science is successor to established in 1892, and is the foremost institute for medical and bioscience research in Japan. A research hospital is attached to the institute.
Kokuritsu Koshu Eiseiin exists in the same site.


  • 1892: Dainihon Shiritu Eiseikai fuzoku Densenbyo Kenkyujyo (Empire of Japan Private sanitation meeting attachment Institute of Infectious Diseases) was established.
  • 1899: It became national Institute of Infectious Diseases under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Interior.
  • 1914:It enters under the management of the Ministry of Education).
  • 1916:It becomes an ancillary establishment institute of Tokyo Imperial University.
  • 1967:Densenbyo Kenkyujyo (Institute of Infectious Diseases) was reorganized, then, Ikagaku Kenkyu-jyo (Institute of Medical Science) was established.


  • Department of Microbiology and Immunology
  • Department of Cancer Biology
  • Department of Basic Medical Sciences
  • Donation Laboratories
  • Human Genome Center
  • Center for Experimental Medicine
  • The Advanced Clinical Research Center
  • International Research Center for Infectious

The facilities

First Building

  • Photographic Laboratory (Prof. INOUE Jun-ichiro)
  • Research Hospital
  • Administration Office Project Accounting Office
  • Division of Molecular of Therapy (Prof. TOJO Arinobu)
  • Division of Medical Data Processing Network System (Prof. SHIMIZU Tetsuo )
  • Executive Project Coordination Office
  • Department of Advanced Medical Science (Prof. YAMASHITA Naohide)
  • Division of Infectious Diseases (Prof. IWAMOTO Aikichi)
  • Division of Biochemistry (Associate Prof. TAKASAKI Seiichi)
  • Library
  • Director Office (Prof. YAMASHITA Naohide )
  • Dean Office (Prof. SEIKI Motoharu )
  • Administration Office
  • Conference Room
  • Administration Office
  • Common Study space
  • Division of Bioengineering (Prof. TAHARA Hideaki)
  • Division of Cellular Therapy (Associate Prof. TSUJI Kohichiro)
  • Division of Cellular Therapy (Prof. KITAMURA Toshio )
  • Common Conference Room
  • Culture Media Section
  • Machinery room
  • Research Hospital

Second Building

Third Building

  • Laboratory of Molecular Genetics (Prof. SAITO Izumu)
  • Division of Oncology (Prof. YAMAMOTO Tadashi)
  • Laboratory of Functional Genomics (Prof. SUGANO Sumio)
  • Division of Neuronal Network (Prof. MANABE Toshiya)
  • Department of Infectious Disease Control (Division of Microbial Infection) (Prof. MATANO Tetsuro)
  • Department of Infectious Disease Control (Division of Viral Infection) (Associate Prof. KAWAGUCHI Yasushi)
  • Department of Infectious Disease Control (Division of Bacterial Infection) (Associate Prof. NAKAGAWA Ichiro)
  • B Common Laboratory (Prof. KAI Chieko)
  • Culture Media Section (Prof. INOUE Jun-ichiro)

Fourth Building

  • Division of Molecular Pathology (Prof.MURAKAMI Yoshinori)
  • Division of Clicincal Immunology (Prof. MORIMOTO Chikao)
  • Laboratory of Cell Biology (Prof. IWAKURA Yoichiro)
  • Division of Host-Parasite Interaction (Prof. IBA Hideo)
  • Division of Infectious Genetics (Prof. MIYAKE Kensuke)
  • Radioisotope laboratories (Prof. IWAKURA Yoichiro)
  • Radioisotope laboratories

Clinical Research Building A

  • Division of Cell Processing (CERES) ((Prof. (Visiting) TAKAHASHI Tsuneo)
  • Cord Blood Bank

Clinical Research Building B

Research Building (annex)

Open Laboratory Building

  • Division of Molecular and Developmental Biology (Oriental・Tomy・Softbank) (Prof.(Visiting) WATANABE Sumiko)
  • Division of Stem Cell Engineering (Tooth Regeneration) (Prof.(Visiting) UEDA Minoru)
  • Division of Exploratory Research (Ain Pharmaciez) (Associate Prof.(Visiting) KAMI Masahiro)

the Core Facility for Therapeutic Vectors

The Scintiscanner room

General Research Building

  • Laboratory of DNA Information Analysis (Prof. MIYANO Satoru)
  • Laboratory of Molecular Medicine (Prof. NAKAMURA Yusuke)
  • Laboratory of Functional Analysis in silico (Prof. NAKAI Kenta)
  • Laboratory of Genome Technology (Associate Prof. KATAGIRI Toyomasa)
  • Division of Cancer Cell Research (Prof. SEIKI Motoharu )
  • Division of Molecular Biology (Prof. NAKAMURA Yoshikazu )
  • Division of Mucosal Immunology (Prof. KIYONO Hiroshi )
  • Division of Molecular Cell Signaling (Prof. SAITO Haruo )
  • Division of Bacterial Infection (Prof. SASAKAWA Chihiro )
  • Division of Virology (Prof. KAWAOKA Yoshihiro )
  • Pathogenic Microbes Repository Unit (Prof. SASAKAWA Chihiro )
  • Laboratory Animal Research Center (Prof. KAI Chieko )
  • Laboratory of Stem Cell Therapy (Prof. NAKAUCHI Hiromitsu )
  • Division of Cellular and Molecular Biology (Prof. INOUE Jun-ichiro )
  • Laboratory of Gene Expressionand Regulation (Prof. YOSHIDA Nobuaki )

Human Genome Center

  • Laboratory of Genome Database (Prof. KANEHISA Minoru)
  • Laboratory of Sequence Analysis
  • Department of Public Policy (Associate Prof. MUTOU Kaori)
  • Laboratory of Functional Genomics (Prof. Mark LATHROP)
  • Training Room
  • Conference Room
  • RIKEN SNP Research Center
  • Radioisotope Control Room Super Computer Room
  • Radioisotope laboratories (Human Genome Center) (Prof. NAKAMURA Yusuke)
  • Radioisotope Laboratory

Human Genome Center (annex)

Hospital Building A (New Hospital Building)

Hospital Building B (Clinical Center)

  • Surgical Center Medical Supply Center
  • Cell Processig and Transfusion Dialysis room Applied Genomics
  • Laboratory Medicine

Hospital Building C (MRI Facility)

Animal Center


Amgen Hall

This structure was donated from Amgen Inc. to The Institute of Medical Science to support a medical science research.

  • Main conference room
  • Small conference room
  • Laboratory of Tumor Cell Biology (Prof. WATANABE Toshiki)

Crest Hall

International Hall

Shirokane Hall

In 1999, the house for was remade into Shirokane Hall.

Medical Science Museum

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