João Vário

João Vário (June 7, 1937 in Mindelo on São Vicente Island, Cape Verde - August 7, 2007 in Mindelo on Island, Cape Verde) was a Cape Verdean writer, neurosurgeon, scientise and professor. The name was a pseudonym of João Manuel Varela, he had nicknames including Timóteo Tio Tiofe and G. T. Didial.

He studied medicine in the universities of Coimbra and Lisbon. He was a doctorace in the University of Antwerp in Belgium, he was an investigator and professor of neuropathology and neurobiology. He returned to his native Mndelo.

He also wrote several poems. He influenced on western culture as well as writers including Saint-John Perse, T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound and Aimé Césaire.


  • Exemplos 1-9 (Examples 1-9), volume that included General Example (Exemplo Geral), Relative Example (Exemplo Relativo), Dubious Example (Exemplo Dúbio) and Propriate Example (Exemplo Próprio)
  • Cadernos de Notcha, under the pseudonym Timóteo Tio Tiofe
  • Contos da Macaronésia (Songs From Macaronesia)
  • The State Impenitene On Fragility) O Estado impenitente da Fragilidade

João Vário

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