Ippikos Omilos Irakliou

Ippikos Omilos Irakliou (Ιππικός Όμιλος Ηρακλείου) is the main riding club of Heraklion, Crete, Greece. It was established in 1979 in Karteros, Heraklion. It all started with a couple of horses, and steadily grew to having over 80 owned and livery horses belonging to club members.

Horse breeds

In Ippikos Omilos they breed mostly northern Greece breeds mixed with andalusian blood. Actually there is no name for the breed of the horses growing there, but they are known to have extra endurance to climate changes and easy and smooth characters. They also breed the Cretan Horse, which is under threat of extinction.

Riding school

Through the years the riding school of Ippikos has becomed sort of a leader in bringing up the best riders in Greece. Many popular athletes in the Greek and international athletic riding schene have started from Ippikos Omilos. Besides athletic riding lessons the school has a principle to teach all students horse care, horse tacking, and discipline.

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