Scattered, Smothered and Covered

Scattered, Smothered and Covered is the name of a 2000 album by Hootie and the Blowfish, featuring all covers. The album was named in honor of Waffle House, a southern restaurant chain. One of Waffle House's advertising campaigns used the phrase "scattered, smothered and covered," a reference to hash browns ordered prepared with onions and cheese. A photo of a Waffle House appeared on the album's cover.

Track listing

  1. "Fine Line" (3:32) (Radney Foster)
  2. "I Go Blind" (3:14) (Neil Osborne)
  3. "Almost Home" (3:51) (John Croslin)
  4. "Hey Hey What Can I Do" (3:52) (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, John Bonham)
  5. "Renaissance Eyes" (5:04) (Don Dixon)
  6. "Before the Heartache Rolls In" (4:24) (Bill Lloyd, Radney Foster)
  7. "Araby" (2:49) (John Croslin)
  8. "I'm Over You" (4:18) (Bob Rupe)
  9. "Gravity of the Situation" (4:36) (Rob Veal)
  10. "I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love with You" (2:58) (Tom Waits)
  11. "Dream Baby" (3:00) (Cindy Walker)
  12. "Driver 8" (4:27) (Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Mike Mills, and Michael Stipe)
  13. "Let Me Be Your Man" (3:04)
  14. "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" (1:50) (Johnny Marr, Morrissey)
  15. "Use Me" (5:01) (Bill Withers)


  • Nanci Griffith (Vocals)
  • Don Dixon (Producer, Engineer, Mixing)
  • Mark Bryan (Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals, and Wurlitzer)
  • Susan Cowsill (Harmony Vocals)
  • Mark Dearnley (Remixing and mastering)
  • Don Gehman (Producer, Engineer, Remixing, Mastering, and Mixing
  • John Harris (Engineer)
  • Peter Holsapple (Mandolin)
  • Jamie Hoover (Organ and Guitar)
  • Doug Lancio (Guitar)
  • David Leonard (Mixing)
  • Pat McInerney (Percussion)
  • John Nau (Keyboards)
  • Wade Norton (Assistant Engineer)
  • Tracy Schroeder (Assistant Engineer)
  • Timothy Sommer (Organ)
  • Gena Maria Rankin (Harmony Vocals)
  • Edwin McCain (Vocals)
  • Craig Shields (Sax (Baritone))
  • Liz Sroka (Assistant Engineer)
  • Doug Trantow (Engineer)
  • Doug Trantow (Mixing)
  • Benjamin Niles (Art Direction and Design
  • Roger Sommers (Assistant Engineer)
  • John Codling (Cover Photo)
  • De la Vega (Bass)
  • Darius Rucker (Guitar and Vocals)
  • Lorenzo Agius (Photography)
  • Billy Huelin (Engineer and Live Sound)
  • Dave Puryear (Assistant Engineer)
  • Jim Sonefeld (Guitar, Percussion, Drums, and Vocals)
  • Dean Felber (Guitar, Bass, and Vocals)
  • Jim Goodwin (Assistant Engineer)
  • Elizabeth Stockton (Photography)
  • Gary Greene (Percussion)
  • Daria Hines (Stylist)
  • Curt Kroeger (Assistant Engineer)
  • Walker Sisters (Vocals (Background))
  • Matt Wilson (Cover Photo)

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