List of historic sites in Berkeley County, West Virginia

This is a complete list of historic sites in Berkeley County, West Virginia. NRHP refers to whether the site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Berkeley County Historic Sites

Site Year Built Address Community NRHP
Abell-Kilbourn House 1018 Winchester Avenue Martinsburg Yes
Allen Dale (Jacob VanDoren, Sr. House) 1785 CR 45/3 & CR 40 Martinsburg Yes
Apollo Theatre 1913 128 East Martin Street Martinsburg Yes
Ar-Qua Springs (Thomas Thornbrough House) CR 37 Arden Yes
Aspen Hall (Edward Beeson House) circa 1776 405 Boyd Avenue Martinsburg Yes
Baldwin-Grantham House (Locust Grove) CR 18 Shanghai Yes
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Martinsburg Shops 300 East Martin Street Martinsburg Yes
William Boggs Farm CR 7 Hedgesville Yes
Boydville 1812 601 South Queen Street Martinsburg Yes
Thomas Brown House CR 30 Inwood Yes
James Nathanial Burwell House (Yellow House Farm) 1842 Off US 11 Ridgeway Yes
Campbellton (Captain James Campbell House) circa 1780 CR 37 Gerrardstown Yes
Edward Colston House (Medway) 1598 Tice Road Falling Waters Yes
Continental Clay Brick Plant 1917 WV 9 Martinsburg Yes
Cool Spring Farm (Zackquill Morgan House) 1761 Runnymede Road (CR 26) Gerrardstown Yes
Samuel Cunningham House (Pleasant View Farm) Off WV 9 Hedgesville Yes
Charles Downs II House (Downs House) CR 1 Marlowe Yes
John Drinker House Sam Mason Road Bunker Hill Yes
Edgewood (John Boyd House) Bunker Hill Yes
Faraway Farm (Daniel Ropp House) CR 8 Martinsburg Yes
Federal Aviation Administration Records Center 300 West King Street Martinsburg Yes
Fort Hill (Hedges-Lemen House) 1748 CR 4 Hedgesville Yes
Teter Myers French House (Peter Sperow House) 1860 CR 1 & CR 3 Hedgesville Yes
Green Hill Cemetery 486 East Burke Street Martinsburg Yes
Harmony Cemetery 1830 CR 1/1 Marlowe Yes
Hays-Pitzer House Middle Creek Road (WV 45) Inwood Yes
Hays-Gerrard House (Gerrard House) 1743 Congress Street Gerrardstown Yes
Hedges Chapel 668 Mountain Lake Road Hedgesville Yes
Decatur Hedges House 1875 WV 9 Hedgesville Yes
Owen Tudor Hedges House (Fairstone, Cedar Grove) CR 8 Hedgesville Yes
Samuel Hedges House CR 9/10 Hedgesville Yes
Hedges-Robinson-Myers House CR 3 Hedgesville Yes
Hibbard Hall & Mill circa 1820 No
George Washington Holliday House 4781 Scabble Road Shepherdstown Yes
Hughes-Cunningham House (HuCuRu) Harlan Springs Road Hedgesville Yes
Huxley Hall (Kerney-Kilmer House) circa 1795 Martinsburg No
Kearfott-Bane House 1895 CR 36/1 Baker Heights Yes
Elizabeth Kunkel House US 11 Martinsburg Yes
Lee-Throckmorton-McDonald House 2101 Arden-Nolville Road Inwood Yes
Lick Run Plantation Off US 11 Beddington Yes
Maidstone Manor (William Robinson Leigh House) 1848 CR 1/4 Hedgesville Yes
Maidstone-on-the-Potomac 12 Temple Drive Falling Waters Yes
Marshy Dell (McKown, Gilbert and Samuel House) 1774 WV 51 Gerrardstown Yes
Morgan Acres (William G. Morgan House) 1849 CR 24 Bunker Hill Yes
Morgan Chapel and Graveyard CR 26 Bunker Hill Yes
Morgan-Gold House CR 26 Bunker Hill Yes
Mount Zion Baptist Church 1836-1838 Opequon Lane Martinsburg Yes
Mountain View Farm (Washington Gold House) 1854 CR 51/2 Gerrardstown Yes
George W. F. Mulliss House US 11 Martinsburg Yes
Myers House CR 37/1 Martinsburg Yes
Moses Nadenbousch House 2540 Butler's Chapel Road Martinsburg Yes
Oban Hall (Mary Park Wilson House) 1825 CR 51/2 Gerrardstown Yes
Opequon Golf Club Golf Club Road Martinsburg Yes
Overlook 2910 Harlan Spring Road Martinsburg Yes
Parks's Gap Bridge (Lane Bridge) CR 6 over Back Creek Martinsburg Yes
Elias Pitzer House 1076 Clyde Borum Road Martinsburg Yes
Power Plant and Dam No. 4 On Potomac River, North of CR 5 Shepherdstown Yes
Power Plant and Dam No. 5 On Potomac River, West of Marlowe Marlowe Yes
Rauch House 1898 Off WV 9 Martinsburg Yes
Redbud Hollow Martinsburg Yes
John-David-Jacob Rees House 1761, 1885 Off US 11 Bunker Hill Yes
Morris Rees III House (George McKown House) CR 24 Gerrardstown Yes
Robinson-Tabb House 377 Holden Drive Martinsburg Yes
Baker Ropp House (Homestead Farm) 2301 Harlan Spring Road Martinsburg Yes
R.C. Ropp House 2199 Harlan Spring Road Martinsburg Yes
Rush-Miller House 1810, 1873 WV 45 Smoketown Yes
Henry J. Seibert II House (Seibert Villa) Off WV 45 Martinsburg Yes
Smoketown School 1869 CR 45/4 Smoketown Yes
Snodgrass Tavern 1740s CR 3 Hedgesville Yes
Benjamin H. Snyder House 1925 Douglas Grove Road Martinsburg Yes
Peter Speck House 1149 Ben Speck Road Martinsburg Yes
Adam Stephen House 309 East John Street Martinsburg Yes
Stone House Mansion (John Strode House) Off WV 9 Martinsburg Yes
Strayer-Couchman House (Susan Couchman House) Warm Springs Road Winebrenners Crossroad Yes
Stuckey House 1820 CR 7/8 Jones Springs Yes
Swan Pond CR 5/3 Swan Pond Yes
Edward Tabb House (Rural Hill) CR 4 Martinsburg Yes
Thunder Hill Farm (Daniel-Grantham House) CR 30 Inwood Yes
Tomahawk Spring CR 7/2 Tomahawk Yes
Priscilla Strode Turner House 347 Carlyle Road Beddington Yes
Union Bryarly's Mill Darkesville Yes
Van Metre Ford Stone Bridge 1832 CR 36 over Opequon Creek Martinsburg Yes
John Van Metre House 177 Elsie Drive Kearneysville Yes
Nathan Van Metre House Dry Run Road (CR 13) Martinsburg Yes
Watkins Ferry Toll House US 11 Martinsburg Yes
White Bush (Archibald Shearer House) CR 11/3 Falling Waters Yes
Prospect Hill (William Wilson House) 1795 WV 51 Gerrardstown Yes

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