Say Uncle

Say Uncle

Say Uncle is an independently produced film written and directed by Peter Paige. The movie, a dark comedy, takes a light approach to a serious subject: community reaction to a suspected pedophile.


Paul (Peter Paige), a childlike artist, becomes upset when his godson's family moves from Oregon to Japan. Paul tries to compensate for his feeling of loss with visits to the neighborhood playground.

Paul's best friend Russell (Anthony Clark) tries to warn him what people might think if they see him hanging around their kids, but Paul doesn't quite see it that way.

As Russell predicted, soon Maggie (Kathy Najimy), a local mom, launches a crusade against the naive Paul, with an army of furious parents in tow.


Say Uncle was filmed in Portland, Oregon. It had a tight production schedule of 18 days, and filming took place at 19 different locations.

New York Times reviewer Jeannette Catsoulis notes that the film's R rating is based on "two boys kissing, one naked-toddler photograph, some naughty words and a lot of bad art", although the MPAA's rating reads simply "Rated R for some language".

The movie is being distributed on a theater-by-theater basis. It opened in Los Angeles on June 23, 2006, and in New York City on June 30, 2006.


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