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Say No! to Architecture

Say No! to Architecture is an experimental, psychedelic, electronic music project from Long Island artist, Allen Roizman. SN!TA follows a DIY ethic, self-releasing and distributing all material, as well as founding a collective of DIY artists & bands known as Ghosthunter's Club Co-op. SN!TA uses various instruments, including analog keyboards, guitars, and vocals, run through various processes, including, Delay and Phaser, to create precisely layered compositions representing varying themes.

History Allen Roizman was born in Flushing, Queens to Soviet ex-nationals. At age 2 The Roizman Family moved to Plainview, NY, where Allen attended Plainview Old-Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School. There, with childhood friends Michael Wieder (aka Lord Jeezy Kreezy) and Michael Semensohn, Roizman formed Megerk, in which he played guitar, synthesizer. Megerk, which was heavily New Order influenced broke-up shortly thereafter, their only recording has never been released, although it is scheduled to be reissued as a 7" from Ghosthunter's Club Co-op.

Formation From 2003-2005 Roizman was enrolled as a film student at CW Post, Long Island University, where he eventually dropped out due to sudden mental illness.

During this time, Roizman, strongly influenced by the analog sounds of early electronic artists Hot Butter, Mann Parrish, Gershon Kingsley, as well as the abbrasive sounds and attitudes of the Manchester post-punk scene, The Buzzcocks, The Raincoats, began composing instrumental songs using just a guitar and delay pedal and recorded on a tape recorder. This recording thus became Fly Through Parachutes like Thunder. The first release under the name, Say No! to Architecture.

Most prominent is the influence of Joy Division's producer, Martin Hannett and early Dub Reggae, whose use of Delay Effects and atmospheric production defined a genre.

March 18th 2006 marked the first public performance of Say No! to Architecture, at Roizman's house in Plainview, which later went on to be called Ghosthunter's Club Co-op Basement Clubhause, opening for Beardlift, (featuring mems. of Latterman), and Lord Jeezy Kreezy.

Discography Fly Through Parachutes Like Thunder I wanna be a bomber pilot. I wanna die in a plane crash. Claw Law I will see you at empty rail crossings with rocks in your hands. I will hear you in the silent hums of tapes that were erased. References


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