[suh-voi-erdz, sav-oi-ahrdz; Fr. sa-vwa-yar
Savoyard is used to refer to the Savoyards of Italy and to the dialect called "Savoyard". The term Savoyard may also mean someone from Savoy, someone who performs in the Savoy Operas, or a Gilbert and Sullivan enthusiast''.

Italian Savoiardi or Savoyards

The Italian irredentism called "Italian Savoiardi" (or Italian Savoyards) the people of Savoia who considered themselves to be Italian people and who had ties with the Savoia dinasty. Approximately 1% of the Savoy population voted against the unification of Savoy to France in 1860, and wanted to be part of the Kingdom of Italy of Victor Emmanuel II.

During the Fascism, in the early forties, were created organizations that promoted the unification of Savoy to the Kingdom of Italy. The fascist members were nearly one hundred in 1942, concentrated mainly in Grenoble and Chambery.

When Italy occupied Savoy from Vichy in November 1942 these fascist groups demanded the unification to Italy, but nothing was done mainly because the King of Italy opposed it.

The Savoyard dialect

Savoyard is a dialect of the Arpitan (Franco-Provençal) language. It is spoken in France in Savoie and Haute-Savoie, in the Swiss canton of Valais, and in the Italian region of Aosta.

Several subdialects of Savoyard exist that exhibit unique features in terms of phonetics and vocabulary. Among them, many words have to do with the weather: bacan (French: temps mauvais); coussie (French: tempête); royé (French: averse); ni[v]ole (French: nuage); ...and, the environment: clapia, perrier (French: éboulis); égra (French: sorte d'escalier de pierre); balme (French: grotte); tova (French: tourbière); and lanche (French: champ en pente).

Savoyard has been the subject of detailed study at the Centre de dialectologie of the University of Grenoble, currently under the direction of Michel Contini.

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