Savior's Day

Savior's Day is a holiday of the Nation of Islam (NOI) and the Nation of Gods and Earths. It falls on February 26those related to the Black, Hispanic or Latino and Native American community.

Confusion over Saviours' Day and Saviour's Day

Public confusion may occur from the misplaced apostrophe at the end of copyrighted word of Saviours' found on the Nation of Islam's website, changing the grammatical number from one saviour to many saviours. This grammatical change in the subject's number changes the celebration from one man as the savior (the day of the savior) to many saviors (plural, 'the day of the saviors').

The official Saviours' Day site (SD2007) for the Nation of Islam uses a copyrighted spelling of "Saviours' Day". From the websites description, Savior's Day and Saviours' Day are one and the same day for the celebration of the birthdate of Wallace Fard Muhammad, whom the NOI believes to [be] Allah (God) in Person. The version with the misplaced apostrophe of Saviours' Day is used throughout the website, and can be seen copyrighted at the bottom of its pages: "Saviours' Day 2007 (c) Nation of Islam | All Rights Reserved."

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