Slapp Happy (album)

Slapp Happy (also known as Casablanca Moon) is an album by German/British avant-garde pop group Slapp Happy, recorded at Virgin Records' Manor studios in 1974.

This album was originally recorded in 1973 in Germany under a working title of Casablanca Moon with Faust as Slapp Happy's backing band, but Polydor Germany rejected it. After moving to London and signing with Virgin Records, Slapp Happy re-recorded it (at Virgin's request) and it was released in 1974 as Slapp Happy. Virgin later re-issued the album as Casablanca Moon.

It was not until 1980 that Recommended Records released the original recording (with Faust) as Acnalbasac Noom (the title Casablanca Moon reversed). For a comparison of Slapp Happy and Acnalbasac Noom, see Acnalbasac Noom.

Track listing

Side One

  1. "Casablanca Moon" (Moore/Blegvad)
  2. "Me and Parvati" (Moore/Blegvad)
  3. "Half Way There" (Blegvad)
  4. "Michelangelo" (Moore/Blegvad)
  5. "Dawn" (Moore/Blegvad)
  6. "Mr. Rainbow" (Blegvad)Side Two
  7. "The Secret" (Moore/Blegvad)
  8. "A Little Something" (Blegvad)
  9. "The Drum" (Moore/Blegvad)
  10. "Haiku" (Moore/Blegvad)
  11. "Slow Moon's Rose" (Moore)



Sound and art work

CD reissues

In 1993 Virgin Records reissued Slapp Happy as Casablanca Moon together with Slapp Happy's Desperate Straights on CD.

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