Hoshino Fuuta

Hoshino Fuuta is a manga author and illustrator specialising in lolicon and shotacon hentai manga.

He has become something of a cult icon in the lolicon community, and his works are quite often the highest relative traffic downloads on Bittorrent trackers.

Known Collections (ISBN)

  • Manga
    • Published by LE Comics (Tokyo Sansei Sha)
      • Himitsu no Sasayaki (4-8126-0582-2 C9979)
      • Hare Tokidoki Nurenezumi (4-8126-0674-8 C9979)
      • Michikusa (4-8126-0733-7 C9979)
      • HisoHiso Asobi (4-8126-0795-7 C9979)
      • Wakaba to Issho (4-8126-1043-5 C9979)
      • Tennen Youeki (4-8126-1170-9 C9979)
      • Kiri no Naka no Shoujo (4-8126-1228-4 C9979)
      • Kiri no Douwa (4-8126-2355-8)
    • Published by World Comics Special (Kubo Shoten)
      • Itazura Switch (4-7659-0714-7 C0979)
      • Itazura Chuiho (4-7659-0726-0 C0979)
      • Mizu no Tawamure (4-7659-0936-0 C0979)
    • Published by Hot Milk Comics (Core Magazine Co.,ltd)
      • Pocket ni Koukishin (4-87734-514-0 C0979)
      • Nakayoshi-chan (4-87734-614-7 C0979)
    • Published by Tenma Comics (Akane Shin Sha)
      • Hozuri (4-87182-533-7 C9979)
  • Art Books
    • Published by Do Comics (Tokyo Sansei Sha)
      • Mou Iikai? (4-8126-2331-6 C9979)

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