Satellite City (sitcom)

Satellite City was a Welsh sitcom which started out originally as a radio show on BBC Radio Wales in 1994 and then evolved into a TV version made by BBC Wales and was first broadcast in 1996.

The setting was an imaginary small town in the South Wales Valleys. The plot centred on the arrival of Randy (Michael Neill), an American visitor, who was taken in by the Price family (but had to share a bed with pensioner Idris, played by Islwyn Morris. Randy soon formed a relationship with local girl Mandy (Shelley Miranda Barrett). The other main characters were Idris's son, Gwynne (played by Boyd Clack, who also co-wrote the series), Gwynne's wife Moira (Ri Richards), and barman Dai (Rhodri Hugh). In the final episode Randy moved into his own house with Mandy. There are continual references to Idris's ferret Sylvester (his beloved pet), and he eventually discovers that it is, in fact, a girl ferret.

The reason for the title is explained in the first episode. The location is notable for the higher than usual number of satellite dishes in the area—hence Satellite City (indicating a working-class area).

In 1999 the series won a BAFTA Cymru Award for Best Light Entertainment.

Eighteen 30-minute episodes and a one-hour special were made in all.

The show is currently re-running for the eighth time on BBC 2 Wales.

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