Sas or SAS may refer to:


  • Special Air Service, the principal special forces unit of the British Army
  • Australian Special Air Service Regiment, Australian regiment derived from the British Army regiment
  • New Zealand Special Air Service (NZ SAS), New Zealand regiment derived from the British Army regiment
  • French SAS: Predecessor units of the French Army's 1st Naval Infantry Parachute Regiment (1er RPIMa):
  • 3e Regiment de chasseurs parachutistes (3e RCP), also known as 3 SAS.
  • 2e Regiment de chasseurs parachutistes (2e RCP), also known as 4 SAS. (note the 'inconsistent' numbering).
    • 1st Colonial Demi-Brigade of SAS Parachute Commandos (1ere Demi-Brigade Coloniale de commandos parachutistes SAS) Dec 1947 - Feb 1955
  • Belgian SAS: unit formed from the Belgian Independent Parachute Coy., also known as the Belgian Sqn., or, later, 5 SAS.
  • Canadian SAS: short-lived post-war Company (not Squadron), 1946-1948; never operational.
  • Rhodesian Special Air Service (Disbanded)
  • Su Altı Savunma, a special operations unit of the Turkish Navy


Science and technology

Nuclear Technology

  • SAS, Safety Analysis System, a computer code developed in Argonne National Laboratory

Astronomy and space exploration

  • Small Astronomy Satellite, a series of NASA satellites
  • Space activity suit, a spacesuit which provides mechanical pressure by means of elastic garments
  • Space adaptation syndrome, an illness akin to motion sickness experienced by many first-time space travelers

Computer science

  • SAS System, a software package used for statistical analysis, among other things
  • Secure Attention Sequence or secure attention key, a method to invoke a computer operating system's attention, usually signaling it to show the log on screen
  • Serial Attached SCSI, a computer bus technology primarily designed for the transfer of data to and from storage devices and drives, e.g. hard disks
  • Spatially Aware Sublayer, an optional sublayer of the MAC that provides spatial reuse in Resilient Packet Ring


  • Sleep apnea syndrome
  • Slot Accounting System (SAS) protocol, a slot machine communication method created by the International Game Technology (IGT) corporation
  • Small-angle scattering (SAS), a scattering technique based on the deflection of a beam of particles away from the straight trajectory after it interacts with a sample
  • Solvent-accessible surface or accessible surface area, the surface area of a biomolecule (protein, DNA, etc.) that is accessible to a solvent
  • Subarachnoid space, the space between the arachnoid mater and pia mater in the brain
  • Synthetic aperture sonar, a form of sonar in which sophisticated post-processing of sonar data are used in ways closely analogous to synthetic aperture radar






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