SANZAR is an abbreviation of the South African Rugby Union, the New Zealand Rugby Union and the Australian Rugby Union. The three unions own joint rights to the Super 14 and Tri Nations.

SANZAR was co-created by David Moffett and was formed in 1996.

Created due to rugby's move to professionalism in 1995, SANZAR's two products were the Super 12 (now Super 14) and the Tri-Nations test series. This concept was developed by Queensland Rugby Union CEO Terry Doyle, NSW CEO David Moffett and Australian Rugby Union CEO Bruce Hayman. To fund the competition SANZAR looked to News Limited, asking for $6 million over 5 years. Eventually SANZAR was offered $555 million over 10 years for worldwide television rights. Rian Oberholzer was the first CEO of SANZAR.

SANZAR meets annually and is comprised of the three CEOs from its member unions. In 2007 it has been criticised as powerless due to its inability to stop New Zealand removing its top 22 players from the Super 14 competition and inability to stop South Africa from removing players from the Tri-Nations.

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