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Santo André, São Paulo

The city of Santo André (Portuguese for Saint Andrew), on the Tamanduateí River, is in São Paulo State, 18 km away from the São Paulo city, in the most industrialized region of Brazil. It is known as a core part of the ABC region (A = Santo André, B = São Bernardo do Campo, C = São Caetano do Sul).

The settlement, which became a town in 1553, experienced rapid growth beginning in the 1930s. Industries include chemical engineering, textiles, oil, metal products, metallurgy and printed materials. It is an industrial city, but more than 60% of Santo André's total area are protected by water law.

In 1910 it became accessed with a railway named the São Paulo Railway Co. or the Estrada de Ferro Santos Jundiaí. In 1954, it became the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Santo André.

In 2002 the city shot to national prominence with the assassination of serving mayor Celso Daniel, the case of which remains unsolved.




Titles: Brazilian National Cup Champion in 2004, beating Flamengo in final game at Maracana Stadium with more than 80,000 fans against. Paulista 2nd Division Champions in 1967, 1975, 1981 and 2008. Copa Estado de São Paulo 2003 Copa São Paulo Under-20 2002

  • (Pelé) scored his first professional goal ever at Corinthians Futebol Clube Satadium in Santo Andre


  • Men's Volleyball Team - Pirelli Volleyball Club - Men's World Club Champion in 1984. Actually the team's name is Shopping ABC Santo André


  • Men's Basketball Team - Pinheiros Santo André - Plays Paulista League of Basketball

Other Sports

  • Boxing - Hosts national olympic team at Pedro Dell'Antonia Gymnasium facilities.

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