sandstorm, strong dry wind blowing over the desert that raises and carries along clouds of sand or dust often so dense as to obscure the sun and reduce visibility almost to zero; also known as a duststorm. Such a wind is usually the result of convection currents created by intense heating of the ground. The wind is strong enough to move dunes, and it often interferes with travel, sometimes obliterating roads in flat dry regions such as those of the W United States. The simoom (or simoon) is the dust- and sand-laden desert wind of N Africa and Arabia that contributes largely to the atmospheric dust over Europe; evidence of the dust from simoon winds has also been found on the seafloor at considerable distances from shore. The haboob is a sandstorm prevalent in the region of Sudan around Khartoum. Sandstorms, the leading edges of which often appear as solid walls of dust as much as 5,000 ft (1,525 m) high, also occur, although less frequently, in the SW United States. One that occurred near Tucson, Arizona, on July 16, 1971, was extensively documented by meteorologists. Similar duststorms from windborne particles are evident on the planet Mars and are thought to be seasonal.
Sandstorm: The Jim Boz Dance Company (sometimes called Sandstorm or The Jim Boz Dance Company) is a professional bellydance troupe based in San Diego, California.

Formed in the summer of 2003 as the "Jim Boz Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble," Sandstorm specializes in the Raqs Sharqi (cabaret) and folkloric styles of bellydance presented in a choreographed, highly theatrical style. They utilize a variety of Middle-Eastern music ranging from Turkish folkloric to Egyptian cabaret to Lebanese techno.


In addition to the professional troupe, there are two corresponding student troupes for bellydance students wishing to build their performance skills and learn from the professional troupe members. One, the folkloric group, is designed for new performers, and teaches foundation techniques while exploring folkloric dances such as Ghawazee, Saidi, Kaleegy, Roman and North African styles such as Tunisian, Moroccan and Bedouin. The other contingent, known as the theater group, presents Raks Sharki in troupe format choreographies designed for the large stage.


Sandstorm has performed in a number of dance venues in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orlando, FL and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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