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Bobby Larios

Bobby Larios (born c. 1970) is a Mexican actor who is better known for his relationship with Cuban-Mexican actress Niurka Marcos.


Bobby Larios was born to a family of five. His mother, a master of "garnachas," is Maria de Jesus, but she is most well known as Doña Chuy. He suffered tragedy early on in life, when his sister, Alejandra, died of cancer. He also has a younger brother.

Larios wanted to be in show business since he was little. As he grew, he became a struggling actor, finding small jobs at different plays and not gaining any recognition. During the 1990s, he married Otilia Moralo, with whom he had a son.

Acting career

In 1999, Larios had his first opportunity at acting in a telenovela, when he participated in Mujeres Enganadas. He had a small role in that soap opera.

Another small character would follow, when he was hired for Tres Mujeres, filmed that same year. His second character, however, was a feature character, which for Larios signified a small upgrade. He played Mauro in Tres Mujeres.

Three more years passed before Larios could act in a telenovela again. He got divorced, and his former wife got custody of their son. Meanwhile, famed Mexican producer Juan Osorio was in a romantic relationship with Niurka Marcos.

In 2002, Larios participated as Juan in Las Vías del Amor, and in the smash hit Clase 406, where he played Cesar. But, even as his participation in telenovelas was slowly growing, Larios was still struggling to find fame.

By 2003, Osorio and Marcos seemed to be one of Mexico's happiest show business couples. They had a son that year, and revealed apparent plans to move into a mansion that Osorio bought. Osorio cast Larios as Marcos' romantic interest in Velo de Novia. This was Larios' first starring role.

The Larios/Marcos affair

Larios and Marcos began a real life love relationship behind the scenes of Velo de Novia, without Osorio knowing about it. Osorio and Marcos became engaged, and a wedding between them was widely expected.

On Dia de los Inocentes (the Hispanic version of April's Fools Day) of 2004, Marcos announced that she was leaving Osorio for Larios. With the supposed wedding with Osorio less than a month away, many in the media and fans alike thought that the announcement was only a joke. However, Larios and Marcos went on to become a highly controversial couple, earning the nickname of the controversy couple. Larios and Marcos became papparazi fodder, being pictured together in many places. Many tabloid television programs began talking daily about them, including Univision's El Gordo y la Flaca and Telemundo's Cotorreando. Bobby Larios began to be dubbed by the Hispanic media in the United States as Bobo Larios (Fool Larios).

Niurka Marcos and Bobby Larios were forced to buy a mansion outside Mexico City, due to the constant harassing by reporters at their original home. From their new home, they produced a reality show, named Lo Veremos Todo con Niurka y Bobby (We Will See Everything With Niurka and Bobby). It shall be noted that Larios' first son visited Larios' new home various times during the recording of the show; his face was always blocked because his former wife had threatened with suing Larios should the boy's face be shown to the television audience. During the show, the couple made some comments about Cristina Saralegui that were not well taken by Saralegui, Saralegui corresponded by inviting them to her talk show, where she proceeded to let them know how much she disliked the comments. The Larios-Marcos reality show was soon after pulled off the air.

Bobby Larios and Niurka Marcos went on to make a rather suggestive calendar, which made the media and public in general talk more about them. Meanwhile, they were offered to appear in the third installment of Mexico's version of Big Brother, Big Brother VIP III, where he shared with Jorge Kahwagi, among others. While Larios declined to participate in the show, Marcos accepted.

Soon after the show was over, Larios announced that he would prepare to become a singer. He has had a few concerts, which have generally had bad fan reviews.

As of 2006, it was announced that the couple had broken up, because Marcos had cheated on Larios. Their divorce will be finalized on June 28, 2006. He will pose nude for another calendar in 2007 and is currently expecting a child with his Argentian fiance.

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