Samper Pizano, Ernesto

Samper Pizano, Ernesto

Samper Pizano, Ernesto, 1950-, Colombian politician, president of Colombia (1994-98), b. Bogotá. An economist, lawyer, former professor, and member of the Liberal party, he became president of the Financial Institutions Association in 1975 and was elected to the senate in 1986. In 1989 he was severely wounded by drug traffickers in an assassination attempt. Subsequently, he served as development minister (1990-91) and ambassador to Spain (1991-93). Returning to Colombia, he was elected president by a slim margin in 1994. Shortly after his election, there were widespread accusations that his campaign had accepted money from the Cali cocaine "cartel." Samper denied the charges, but they resurfaced in 1995 and precipitated a political crisis. He was cleared of all charges in June, 1996, by the Colombian congress, but polls showed most Colombians believed him to be guilty, and the U.S. government revoked his entry visa. When President Álvaro Uribe proposed (2006) Samper for ambassador to France it provoked a firestorm of criticism in Colombia, and Samper declined the post.
Daniel Samper Pizano (born in Bogotá in 1945) is a Colombian lawyer, journalist, story-teller, columnist and novelist. He is also known for being brother of former President of Colombia, Ernesto Samper.

Samper studied in the Gimnasio Moderno where he began writing in the alumni newspaper "El Aguilucho" (The Sparrowhawk). At the age of 19 he worked for the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo as a reporter. After graduating from high school, Samper studied law in the Pontifical Xavierian University and later attended graduate school for journalism at Kansas University, United States. He was also awarded the Nieman Fellowship by Harvard University.

Since then he has been an editor, columnist and author of some 25 books, TV and movie screenwriter and winner of numerous recognitions and awards in Colombia, Spain and other part of the Americas. Among these, the "Maria Moors Cabot prize" given by Columbia University. He has won three times the Colombian "Simon Bolivar prize for Journalism", the "Premio Rey de España" (King of Spain prize).

In Colombia, Samper is also considered the father of Colombian investigative journalism after his work as a reporter for El Tiempo newspaper.

Samper resided in Madrid since 1986 and was an editor of the Spanish magazine Cambio 16. He is also member of the Colombian Language Academy.

His writings are notable for having a wide and soft sense of humor mixed with some social criticism. He writes a column for El Tiempo called "Cambalache" (colloquialism meaning "Exchange") and the magazine Revista Carrusel with a humor section called "Postre de notas" (notes dessert) with some articles written for the Colombian magazines like El Malpensante, Revista Semana and Gatopardo.

As a TV screenwriter he wrote scripts for the Colombian TV series "Dejémonos de vainas" during the 1980s and 1990s.

His last book was released in December, 2006 titled " Viagra, Chats y otras pendejadas del siglo XXI" (Viagra, Chats and other stupidity of the 21st Century), a compilation of 62 short stories.


  • A mi que me esculquen 1980
  • Dejémonos de vainas 1981 (TV series)
  • Llévate esos payasos 1983 (Take those clowns away)
  • Piedad con este pobre huérfano 1985 (pity to this poor orphan)
  • Esto no es vida 1989 (This isn't life)
  • Les Luthiers de la L a la S 1991 (Les Luthiers from L to S)
  • No es porque sea mi hijo 1992 (It's not because he's my son)
  • Lecciones de histeria de Colombia 1994 (Lessons of Colombian Hysteria)
  • Nuevas lecciones de histeria de Colombia 1994 (New lessons of Colombian Hysteria)
  • Cantando bajo la ducha -Quince lecciones para alcanzar el sueño de ser músico- 1995 (Singing in the shower -Fifteen lessons to achieve the dream of becoming a musician- ) -featuring Jorge Maronna-
  • Confesiones de un espermatozoide (El sexo puesto) (Spermatozoid Confessions (the set sex)) 1997 -featuring Jorge Maronna-
  • 10 relatos históricos 1999 (10 Historical Tales) - featuring Joaquín Leguina, Ángeles de Irisarri, Emilio Ruiz Barrachina and others-
  • De tripas corazón (El tonto emocional) 1999 - featuring Jorge Maronna- (the emotional silly)
  • Aspectos sicológicos del calzoncillo y otros artículos de humor 2000 (Underwear Psychological aspects and other humor articles)
  • Si Eva hubiera sido Adán 2000 (If Eva had been Adam)
  • Antología de grandes reportajes colombianos 2001 (Anthology of Great Colombian reports)
  • Antología de grandes entrevistas colombianas 2002 (Anthology of Great Colombian interviews)
  • Del adulterio considerado como una de las bellas artes 2002 (Of Adultery condered as a Fine Art)
  • Antología de grandes crónicas colombianas 2003 (Anthology of Great Colombian chronicles)
  • El discreto encanto del liguero y otros motivos para sonreir 2003 (The discreet charm of the suspender and other reasons to smile)
  • Impávido coloso 2003 (Colosal impavidus)
  • Versos chuecos 2005 (Crooked verses)
  • Viagra, Chats y otras pendejadas del siglo XXI 2006 (Viagra, Chats and other stupid 21st century stuff)

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