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Same Day, Different Shit

Same Day, Different Shit is an album by Kurupt. It was released under the name Young Gotti, which was a nickname given to Kurupt by Tupac Shakur. Kurupt left Death Row Records due to poor sales and reviews of his previous album, Against Tha Grain. He joined Daz's D.P.G. Recordz soon after the Western Conference in December 2005. It reached 59th on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart in 2006. The lyrics of all the tracks on this album are written by Kurupt, he had to use his brothers publishing Young Roscoe it is believed due to contract reasons, with help of Daz Dillinger.

Track listing

  1. "Young Gotti Intro"
  2. "Scrape Thru Tha Hood"
  3. "Make That Ass Shake"
  4. "I Get High 2"
  5. "As Time Fly By (Featuring Daz Dillinger)"
  6. "Gangstaz Part 2 (Featuring Daz Dillinger)"
  7. "Ryde & Roll"
  8. "What Can I Do (Featuring Ashthon Jones)"
  9. "Yes I'm Quiccer"
  10. "Shoot 'Em Up (Skit)"
  11. "Accessories (Nina Breeda)"
  12. "I Did It"
  13. "Ain't That Somethin' (Featuring Daz Dillinger)"
  14. "Young Gotti Outro"

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