Salim-Javed were a scriptwriter duo who wrote several successful Hindi films in the 1970s. The duo comprising of Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar, made the writer's role popular with their names appearing in the posters of the films, and in some films they shared up to 25% of the profit. Their association lasted until 1980, following which Javed moved into writing lyrics for films.

Salim started his friendship with Javed during the making of the film Sarhadi Lootera. Salim was a small-time actor, and Sarhadi Lootera was one of the last films he acted in before he turned his attention to writing. Javed was a clapper boy for the film and was later made the dialogue writer as director S.M. Sagar was unable to find a dialogue writer.

They lived in Bandra and would write stories together. Since their individual work was flopping, they decided to team up.


They are credited with the creation of the "Angry Young Man" image of Amitabh Bachchan. For a significant number of his major hits, they wrote the screenplay, story and dialogue.

They brought credibility to a profession, pursuers of which, were always relegated to the background. It is due to their efforts and work that screenplay/story/dialogue writers are seeing the limelight. They fought for and got done the mentioning of screenplay/Story/Dialogue writer's names on the movie posters.



  Filmfare Awards Won
Year Category Film
1983 Best Screenplay Shakti (1982)
1976 Best Dialogue Deewar (1975)
1976 Best Screenplay Deewar(1975)
1976 Best Story Deewar(1975)
1974 Best Screenplay Zanjeer(1973)
1974 Best Story Zanjeer(1973)

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