sacred cow

New Sacred Cow

New Sacred Cow is the debut album by Kenna, released in 2003. "Hell Bent", "Sunday After You", and "Freetime" are the singles from this album, which was leaked to the internet over a year before its final release, as it was delayed by record company politics. The single 'Freetime' peaked at #19 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play charts

Track listing

  1. "Within Earshot"
  2. "Freetime"
  3. "Man Fading"
  4. "Sunday After You"
  5. "Vexed and Glorious"
  6. "A Better Control"
  7. "Red Man"
  8. "Hell Bent"
  9. "Yeneh Ababa (Rose)"
  10. "War in Me"
  11. "New Sacred Cow"
  12. "I'm Gone"
  13. "Siren"
  14. "Love/Hate Sensation"

On the CD, "Vexed and Glorious" and "A Better Control" are placed on the same track, allegedly due to an editing mistake. Tracks 9, 10, 14 were produced by Kenna alone, and all others were with Chad Hugo.

Although "New Sacred Cow" was leaked to the internet a year before the actual album's release, the song, "Siren", wasn't available to downloaders until the official release of the album in record stores. Also, the tracks, "Vexed and Glorious" and "A Better Control" were merged into a single mp3 file, as opposed to two separate tracks.


David Davidson (String Arrangements), John Haynes (Engineer), Ethan Johns (Bass), Serban Ghenea (Engineer), Serban Ghenea (Mixing), Sean Murphy (Photography), Otto Price (Bass), Sean Evans (Art Direction), Matt Pinfield (A&R)

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