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Aboriginal sacred site

Aboriginal sacred sites are areas or places of significant Aboriginal meaning. Most are somehow related to Aboriginal mythology, more correctly known as 'The Dreaming, or The Dreamtime'. Many sacred traditions and customs took place at these sites, but some sites, like birthing sites, allowed only one gender. Male sites were forbidden to women (men's business) and Female sites were forbidden to men (woman's business). Such sites include:

  • Biamie's Cave
  • The Dampier Archipelago — The Dampier Rock Art precinct has the largest concentrations of Aboriginal petroglyphs in the world some dating to 10,000 years before the present era. The petroglyphs contain cultural and spiritual elements embodying a worldview tied to the landscape. The Dampier Rock Art is the largest cultural heritage site of Australia, and the only surviving patrimony of the Yaburara people.

Most Sacred Sites have unfortunately been lost during the Stolen Generation, but with every one that is found again, more and more of the Aboriginal culture is being remembered.

However, some Sacred Sites have been found on private property, which can limit the usage to only the land owner. Some owners don't know about the sites, but the property owers who do are usually understanding. Some make Aboriginal's pay to see the holy sites that are located on their property.


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