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Sabrina's Secret Life

Sabrina's Secret Life is an American animated television series based on the Archie Comics character Sabrina, the Teenage Witch produced by DiC Entertainment. Originally aired in syndication in 2003 as a spinoff of Sabrina: Friends Forever, Sabrina, the Animated Series and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

In the series, Sabrina Spellman is a 14-year old teenager (though a year or two younger than her original comic version) attending Greendale High School. Chloe has moved away, and Gem Stone attends a private school far away from Greendale. Sabrina's new best friend is a girl named Maritza; additionally, Sabrina still has a crush on her friend, Harvey Kinkle.

Salem, Hilda, and Zelda, who also appear in this series (though for unexplained reasons, Uncle Quigley doesn't appear in this series), still work hard to train Sabrina so she can learn how to use her magic well. They also continue to help her get out of tough scrapes when her spells backfire. For some reason, the Spooky Jar has disappeared as well.

Although Sabrina is half-mortal (as was the case in the previous animated series and the original comic), she is not the only one at her school who is a witch in this series—her nemesis in this series, Cassandra, also attends Sabrina's high school, and is a full witch. Both Sabrina and Cassandra, in addition to their regular courses, also attend courses on witchcraft at a secret witch's academy hidden within the school.

Reruns of Sabrina's Secret Life aired on Toon Disney and previously in syndication on the DIC Kids Network.

In Germany, Sabrina's Secret Life is simply a third season of Sabrina, the Animated Series, both under the title Simsalabim Sabrina.

Continuity Changes

Although Sabrina's Secret Life is set during her high school years, Sabrina's magic is portrayed as weaker that it was in Sabrina, the Animated Series. Unlike the previous series where Sabrina made magic with a wave of her hand and an incantation, here she uses a wand to cast spells similar to the Harry Potter series. Most of the original voice cast did not return for this series.


  • France

Toon Disney

  • UK

Toon Disney (2004-2005)
CITV (2006-2007)
S4C (Wales)
Pop Girl ''(2008-Present)

  • Poland


  • United States

Toon Disney

  • Bulgaria

Nova Television
Diema Family

  • Brazil

Disney Channel

  • Philippines

Quality TeleVision

Cartoon Network

LNK (Titled Raganaitės Sabrinos paslaptys)

  • Norway

Cartoon Network

Episode list

  1. 11/10/03 - "At The Hop"
  2. 11/11/03 - "School Spirit"
  3. 11/17/03 - "I'm a Slave for Who?"
  4. 11/18/03 - "Putting Off"
  5. 11/24/03 - "Just a Rumor"
  6. 11/25/03 - "Green Eyed Monster"
  7. 12/01/03 - "Lather, Rinse, Repent"
  8. 12/02/03 - "J'achoo"
  9. 12/08/03 - "Living Her Dreams"
  10. 12/09/03 - "Teacher's Pet"
  11. 12/15/03 - "Pet Peeve"
  12. 12/16/03 - "Half There"
  13. 12/22/03 - "Matchmaker Sabrina"
  14. 12/22/03 - "Sabrina, Part Two"
  15. 12/29/03 - "Spell-ing Bee"
  16. 12/30/03 - "Best of Show"
  17. 01/05/04 - "Food 'tude"
  18. 01/06/04 - "Baby Makes Three"
  19. 01/12/04 - "Hot Item"
  20. 01/13/04 - "What's in a Name?"
  21. 01/19/04 - "Greendale Idol"
  22. 01/20/04 - "Time Flies"
  23. 01/26/04 - "Here's Looking at You"
  24. 01/27/04 - "Cat Man Do"
  25. 02/02/04 - "Witchycology"
  26. 02/03/04 - "Midsummer's Nightmare"


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